Ermey : Managing PCOS (Part 1)

By | 08/12/2017

I have a friend who’s combatting PCOS (Part 1) – a syndrome that effects fertility and her whole life. She managed to conceive her first child, now 2 years old and now she hopes to conceive again.

In the meantime, she loves to share her experience on managing PCOS (Part 1), based on the advises she got from her doctor & from her readings. She loves to help all the PCOS superstars out there with her experiences and knowledge on PCOS.

She shares a lot on Facebook. So I am taking the initiative to help her spread the knowledge through my blog. I hope you’ll find these info knowledgable and useful for you.

Nur Ermey and PCOS (Part 1)

I have not posted anything about PCOS and Shaklee for weeks. But that is not because i am no longer with or has stopped consuming Shaklee.

It is because I am currently focusing on my fertility treatment and at the same time, coaching a friend with her fertility treatment while supplementing with Shaklee.

(May Allah make it easy for all of us, and grant us wholesome and pious children)

But a few people have been in search for me to ask about Shaklee and PCOS. I am quite surprised, to be honest. I thought no body paid attention to my posts ?

So to answer your questions:

1) Yes, I am still an active Shaklee member and distributor

2) Yes, I still consume Shaklee (especially now, to help with my fertility treatment)

3) Yes, I will still receive orders and COD/post it to you

4) Yes, I will still answer any queries on Shaklee or PCOS. Please don’t hesitate to pm/email/text me

To those who asked/looked for me:

1) Thank you for reading my posts ?

2) Thank you for placing your orders ??

(May Allah grant all of us good health and gain benefits from consuming Shaklee products)

You guys are my superstars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

I love you guys ❤️



Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome PCOS (Part 1)

It is not just your ovaries that has cyst. It is everything else in your body that goes out of whack. My looks, my life and my health completely changed from my diagnosis. There is no known cure. Hormones pills can counter some symptoms as a temporary solution. But it won’t cure PCOS.

I used to hate my body. But after years and years I begin to love the new me. Sure, I have issues with my weight, fertility, hair.. but i am in a better shape than i ever was. I now lead a healthier lifestyle.

And it is legit i tell ya.. ?

There is no short cut in managing PCOS. The symptoms are unique to everyone. That is why it is important to learn, listen to your body and give it what it needs.

I used to use PCOS as an excuse for everything. But not anymore. Don’t let PCOS rule your life. The main lifestyle change is

1. Eat wholesome, nutritious, natural food. Avoid sugar, refined carbs, processed food

2. Regular exercise. Minimum 30 mins a day, 3-4 times a week.

3. Take dietary supplements to close nutrition gaps.

4. Pray (or meditate).

Managing PCOS (Part 1)

Managing PCOS (Part 1)

Supplement is so important for PCOS (Part 1). Fish oil, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Resveratrol are all beneficial in combating the symptoms.

I get my supplements from Shaklee and i love it!

Supplements to help reverse PCOS symptoms

Supplements to help reverse PCOS symptoms

To my PCOS superstars ⭐️⭐️⭐️ i encourage you to try. Start now, you will see the difference.

(May Allah grant us ease and good health)


(Credit pic- fightyourinfertility and LAT)


For more info and to contact Ermey personally, you may contact her at 017-6663576 or her personal Facebook : Nur Ermey Ibni. 

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