Pesakit Lupus SLE Lebih Sihat Dengan Vivix!

By | 06/10/2016
Assalamualaikum semua. 
Pernah dengar mengenai SLE atau Lupus? 
Ia adalah sejenis penyakit auto-immune yang mana sistem imun seseorang itu bertindak menyerang tubuh badannya sendiri.
Penyakit LUPUS ini boleh dikategorikan kepada 2 jenis iaitu DLE dan SLE.
Hanya melibatkan kulit,
Jarang merebak ke organ lain,
Kelihatan seperti jangkitan kulit dan ruam.
Risiko merebak ke organ penting lain dalam badan seperti buah pinggang, paru-paru, hati, jantung, darah, tulang dan sendi.
Boleh mengakibatkan kematian.
1) Ruam-ruam pada kulit muka dan badan 
2) Kulit sensitif kepada cahaya matahari
3) Demam yang berlarutan
4) Letih-lesu 
5) Ulser pada mulut
6) Keguguran rambut
7) Sakit dan radang pada sendi 
8) Sakit di bahagian dada apabila bernafas (pleurisy) 
9) Radang pada salur darah (vasculitis)
Ini pula cara rawatan yang boleh Vivix bantu.
Setakat ini ubat-ubatan hanya dapat mengawal risiko penyakit SLE. Namun begitu pengambilan ubatan sintetik dalam jangka masa panjang boleh mengakibatkan risiko kerosakan pada buah pinggang.
✔️Vivix Shaklee merupakan suplemen terbaik untuk membantu rawatan penyakit kronik termasuklah SLE.
✔️ Vivix Shaklee sekaligus membantu mengurangkan radang pada pesakit SLE.
✔️ Vivix Shaklee sangat tinggi dengan antioksida dan merencatkan sel-sel / DNA tidak sihat. 
✔️ Pengambilan Vivix Shaklee secara konsisten (1 ke 2 sudu sehari) dapat membantu memperbaiki kerosakan sel dan DNA tubuh.  Ia sekaligus membantu memelihara kesihatan secara keseluruhan.
✔️ Selain itu, VIVIX Shaklee juga berfungsi sebagai anti penuaan terbaik kerana ia melambatkan proses penuaan.
Ramuan Vivix akan membantu memperbaiki dan mempertahankan sel yang rosak dan menjadi antioksida kepada radikal bebas
SLE sering menyerang buah pinggang jika tidak diberikan rawatan awal. 
Lebih kurang 40 peratus daripada pesakit SLE akan / telah mengalami masalah buang pinggang. Sekiranya rawatan awal tidak diberi, pesakit SLE boleh mengalami kegagalan buah pinggang.
SLE boleh membawa maut kerana berupaya menyebabkan kegagalan fungsi organ atau serangan SLE itu sendiri terlalu kuat yang dinamakan krisis lupus. Antibodi juga boleh memecahkan sel-sel darah merah dan menyebabkan pesakit kurang darah merah.
Penyakit SLE hanya boleh dirawat dan dikawal. Jika anda, saudara mara dan kenalan anda ada mengidap SLE, cadangkan atau belikanlah Vivix Shaklee untuk pesakit SLE.
Shaklee telah menjalankan penyelidikan global yang canggih dalam memerangi penuaan selular dan mereka telah sanggup menghabiskan masa bertahun-tahun lamanya untuk bekerjasama dengan saintis terkemuka untuk menjalankan kajian demi kajian. Semua ini merupakan satu kejayaan saintifik dari Shaklee. 

Hanya Vivix yang mengandungi kedua-dua resveratrol dan campuran phytonutrient proprietari. Gabungan fitonutrien ini menggabungkan sifat-sifat antioksidan yang kuat daripada anggur muscadine yang jarang berlaku dan telah menunjukkan yang ia adalah 10x ganda lebih berkuasa daripada resveratrol sahaja dalam melambatkan mekanisme utama penuaan selular. 

Vivix sememangnya produk paling premium keluaran Shaklee. Setelah Vivix dipasarkan di peringkat antarabangsa dan mendapat sambutan kerana kehebarannya, Shaklee telah membawa masuk Vivix ke Malaysia pula. Kini, telah ramai rakyat Malaysia yang dah cuba Vivix ini untuk memperbaiki tahap kesihatan mereka dan melawan penyakit kronik. Saya sendiri dah pernah memberikan Vivix ini kepada ibu saya yang mempunyai darah tinggi, adik ipar saya yang menghidapi kanser dan ibu mertua saya yang mempunyai diabetes serta sakit lutut.

Jemput baca kisah ini. Kisah seorang ibu muda yang telah didiagnos dengan penyakit Lupus dan bagaimana Shaklee telah memperbaiki kesihatannya.
   ” There I was straight out of college starting my career in retail management. I scored the perfect position with a company that I was excited about. There was nothing standing in my way of success, and nothing could slow me down…or so I thought!

    However, with long days on my feet I quickly began to notice that what used to be occasional pain was turning into quite a severe problem. I began seeing doctors to find answers to my high levels of pain. I was quickly started on pain pills, and blood tests were taken to help find the underlying cause. 

Unfortunately, even high doses of pain pills didn’t touch my pain levels. 

    After about five vials of my blood were analyzed for some answers, I met back with my doctor. I’ll never forget that appointment. My sister came with me, and neither of us expected what we were about to hear.

The doctor stated that she strongly suspected that I had lupus. 

She explained that it was an autoimmune disease in which my immune system mistakenly attacks my own body tissues causing pain, fatigue, and a variety of other symptoms. She said that while it was not a “death sentence” it was an extremely volatile disease that could lead to disability. I looked over at my sister as she buried her mouth in her hand, her brow wrinkled in grief, and she started to cry. I tried to stifle the lump in my throat from emerging and a few tears slid down my face. How could this happen?! I was only 24 years old! There were no answers to be found.    Well fast forward through about a year of appointments, various medications, and still no answers. To my surprise, I found myself pregnant. I quickly found that work without pain meds was nothing short of impossible for me. After stopping all my medications, I lasted a week or two at most before I had to resign from work at the urging of my doctor.

    We struggled to learn to live in a fiscally responsible way with our income cut in half. As if that wasn’t enough stress, we both worried about the myriad of possible outcomes to being pregnant and having an active autoimmune condition. The doctor flat out told me it could KILL me to carry a child.
    And with the loss of my job came the onslaught of all these emotions and worries. I worried if the baby would be okay, if I could even be a good mom with so much pain everyday, if my hubby would get sick of taking care of me. I was overwhelmed by grief from the loss of being able (able to perform, able to live without pain), and over the loss of the future I had envisioned for myself. I felt isolated not knowing who could possibly understand what I was going through?

And I was isolated…living life with chronic pain left little energy or desire for me to do much of anything.

   Well, luckily for me, my doctor was wrong. Not only did I survive 10 long months of pregnancy, but I gave birth to a perfectly, beautiful baby girl, Charlotte Magnolia. And when she was born so was a new hope inside of me. I knew I had to fight this disease to the best of my ability so that I could be the mom that she deserved!
    In the midst of the chaos of getting to know this new stranger in my life, I tried to ignore my health issues as my life became filled with sleep deprivation, dirty diapers, and learning to breastfeed. Too bad my health troubles didn’t forget about me. Six weeks later, I was settling quite nicely into life with my new soulmate.

And, BAM! My lupus was back with a vengance, and I quickly spiraled into the worst lupus flare of my life. For me this meant spending days doing nothing but laying in bed, sleeping, eating, feeding my baby, and taking quick trips to the bathroom. I was miserable!

   Back to the doctor. My rhuematologist ordered seven vials of blood to be taken for a new panel of tests to be done. The results were in and I had a diagnosis; lupus and fibromyalgia. I struggled for months to maintain breastfeeding despite the doctor pushing me to stop so that I could be better medicated. I finally had to give it up after three and a half months of breastfeeding; something that I had come to truly love sharing with my sweet baby girl. We transitioned to bottles and I began taking steroids, Plaquenil, and a pain medication in addition to other pills intended to treat this symptom or that symptom. But, I began to feel a bit better. I was able to function despite still being limited in my abilities.    Not only was I getting to know this new baby; I was learning to live with lupus. I struggled everyday to endure the emotional strife in addition to all the pain, fatigue, insomnia, muscle spasms, nausea, widespread hives, and mental fog that took over my life. I truly don’t think I could have made it through that time in my life without the unwavering support of my loved ones. My family stood by me and helped me care for the baby and my home while I took things day by day.
   I started trying to do what I could to make my situation better. I began seeing a counselor to help me cope with my chronic pain. I went to aquatic physical therapy sessions twice a week. I diligently took all the new drugs my doctors pushed. I asked what I could do to help. If perhaps I could make changes to my diet or home to help lessen symptoms.

They [doctors] encouraged me not to worry about all that and just keep taking my meds.

    Meanwhile, I was blowing cash on laundry detergents like crazy. If only I could find just one that would stop exacerbating my hives. No such luck. I settled on a free and clear store bought detergent and switched to all natural bath and personal care products as well. While doing so I discovered that not only did all my products have nasty, TOXIC chemicals like formaldehyde in them, but so did all my baby’s trusted Johnson & Johnson products!

    One day, a Facebook friend of mine unknowingly answered my prayers when she posted about how much she loved her all natural Shaklee brand cleaners.

After doing a bit of research and talking it over with the hubs, we decided it was worth a try! Not only were the cleaners all natural and toxin free, but the $30 bottle was a good bargain too! This one bottle of concentrated cleaning solution could clean everything in my house, and would last us a few years!! Within a week my hives came less and less frequently. I had spent the last year and a half itchy every single day! I was pretty impressed!

(This is when my story starts to get good… so keep reading!)

    I was getting better at managing my illness, but it still consumed my life. I was filing for permanent disability, and I came to accept that my ability would lessen as my illness progressed. Well, I was becoming desperate to get off some of these 13 medications I was on. The gastrointestinal problems I was having were quite severe and sent me to the ER. And of course, I was sent home with even more medications.
    After hearing such great things about Vivix (including how it had helped my friend with infertility and her husband with hair loss), I decided to give it a try! A week and a half later, I went back to my rheumatologist to have some more blood work done and had a new med prescribed. Afterwards, I drove the hour home in so much pain! I just knew these tests would show just the same findings as the tests taken three months prior had shown; that I was a mess!
    Well, two weeks later I went back to review the results. I was happy to report that the steroids (the same one I had been prescribed countless times before) had worked much better than I had expected it to. Two days in I felt like a completely different person! When I told my doctor this she crinkled her face; confused. She said, “Well, your tests results came back”. I braced myself.

“The tests show no signs of lupus. You are in remission”.

WHAT THE….?!?! This is NOT possible! I had been feeling better, but that was just because of the new meds…or so I thought.    Clearly, my body had started healing itself before I had even started taking those steroids…This doesn’t just happen so abruptly out of nowhere! I was shocked! So shocked I don’t think I connected the dots until quite a few days later. I began examining every aspect of my life and the timeline of changes I had made to my diet, habits, or home. The only factor I can attribute the sudden change in my immune system activity was the Vivix! Once I came to this realization, I knew it had to be true. I started reading through comments I found in the results Google had compiled when I searched for ‘lupus and Vivix’. I found other people who had had almost the same experience! I was amazed to find so many people healed by this awesome supplement!    I was so thrilled with the results I found with Shaklee that I decided to start my own Shaklee business. I am so eager to share these products with others, and I hope by doing so I can help transform others’ lives as well!  I could not be more thankful to be in remission! I absolutely would have never guessed that I would ever live another day without pain… And, I definitely would have never thought that simply trying a few products would lead me to recovery so quickly… but here I am!    So, the real question is… What can Shaklee do for you? You’ll never know unless you try! Let me know what areas of your life you would like to improve and let’s do it  together… naturally!

I promise you will be amazed when you feel the Shaklee difference! 100% guaranteed or your money back!

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Hebat kan kisah dia? 
Itu kisah orang luar negara. Di Malaysia pun ada tau kisah-kisah bekas pesakit SLE ini yang berjaya sembuh sepenuhnya daripada Lupus dengan nutrisi Shaklee. 
Bulan Mei 2016 yang lepas, saya telah hadiri Shaklee National Conference di Sunway Convention Centre. Dalam conference itu terdapat satu sharing daripada seorang bekas pesakit SLE. Nama dia Daniel. Dia didiagnosa dengan penyakit Lupus ini ketika umurnya 16 tahun.
Saya kongsikan kisah Daniel ini untuk anda.
Kini dia telah sembuh sepenuhnya. Dah berjaya pun dalam perniagaan Shaklee dan mencapai kesihatan dan kebebasan kewangan yang dia inginkan. Hebat kan cerita dia? 
Saya amat berharap supaya anda atau ahli keluarga anda yang menghidapi Lupus atau SLE ini untuk mencuba Vivix dan rangkaian produk Shaklee. 
Jaminan kami
Shaklee merupakan suplemen semulajadi dan memegang piagam:
Piagam ini telah diikrarkan semenjak lebih 50 tahun lalu, dan kini masih teguh berpegang padanya.
Shaklee Difference: Always Safe, Always Works, Always Green.
Mengapa saya?
Saya merupakan pengedar Shaklee yang jujur dan amanah, serta lebih mementingkan kesihatan anda. Hubungi saya agar saya boleh bantu anda dan keluarga anda agar lebih sihat. Saya juga akan menyediakan jadual pengambilan vitamin dan konsultasi percuma berkaitan produk Shaklee yang sesuai untuk anda.
Anda boleh memilih untuk COD. COD boleh diadakan di sekitar Petaling Jaya, Kg. Pasir, Taman Dato Harun, Taman Sri Manja, Jalan Klang Lama, Setapak dan Bandar Baru Bangi. Pos juga boleh diatur ke seluruh negara menggunakan khidmat Poslaju, GDex ataupun Citylink.
Pembayaran boleh dibuat menggunakan akaun Maybank atau CIMB.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Saya Nak Beli Vivix !!
Boleh hubungi nombor di bawah untuk kami bantu anda.
Ingin dapatkan suplimen untuk anda dan keluarga dengan harga istimewa?
Ingin mendapatkan tips ekslusif yang percuma?
Ingin menjana side income 2-5 angka setiap bulan hanya dari rumah?
Boleh hubungi,
Wan Syahida
Rakan Konsultasi Shaklee Anda

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